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Introduction and Principles of TGA

Thermal Gravimetric Analysis TGA uses stoichiometry and heat ratios to determine percentage of mass of a solute.  Test and analysis is achieved by increasing the temperature of a sample gradually whilst plotting weight against temperature so effectively monitors material transformation where compounds degrade or form at different temperatures.

The laboratory’s TGA can be used to ramp temperatures between room temperature and 1000degC in different gas atmospheres such as air, nitrogen or inert gases.

TGA InstrumentTGA analysis is employed in research and testing to characterise materials such as inorganic compounds, monomers, polymers or organic compounds, to determine:-

  • Degradation temperatures.
  • Absorbed moisture content of materials.
  • The level of inorganic and organic components in materials.
  • Decomposition points of explosives.
  • Decomposition points.
  • Temperatures that solvent residues are driven off.

The Thermogravimetric Analyzer (TGA) is an essential laboratory tool used for material characterisation. TGA is used as a technique to characterise materials used in various environmental, pharmaceutical and petrochemical applications and is a powerful technique when used alongside other chemicals and materials analytical techniques such as FTIR and SEM/EDX.

Thermal Gravimetric Analysis Applications include:-

  • Being used as a Quality Assurance / Quality Control tool to ensure products meet their material specifications.
  • Using TGA to ensure product safety.
  • Determination of carbon content of a material or compound.
  • Identify safe operating temperatures in various gases.
  • TGA can be used to enhance product formulation processes.

Plastics TGA Methods include:-

  • Test Method for Weight Loss of Plasticizers on Heating.
  • Test Method for Thermal Stability of PVC Resin.
  • Test Method for Volatile Matter (including water) of Vinyl Chloride Resins.
  • Test Method for Response of Rigid Cellular Plastics to Thermal and Humid Aging.
  • Recommended Practice for Heat Aging of Plastics Without Load.
  • Test Method for Determination of Carbon Black Content in Polyethylene Compounds by a Muffle-Furnace.
  • Test Method for Carbon Black in Olefin Plastics Practice for Heat Aging of Oxidatively Degradable Plastics.
  • Standard Test Method for Compositional Analysis by TGA.
  • Standard Test Method for Decomposition Kinetics by TGA.

The laboratory's TGA expert is Danie Els.

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