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HPLC – High Performance / High Pressure Liquid Chromatography

HPLC is a powerful analytical technique for the separation and analysis of compounds in solution. HPLC is particularly useful for analysis of large molecules and compounds that are either not very volatile or thermally unstable. The principles of HPLC are common to other forms of chromatography where separation is based upon chemical interactions with a mobile and stationary phase. In this case the mobile phase is a solvent and the stationary phase is made up of particles to which different chemical groups may be bound to allow selective separation of the required analyte.Thermo Fisher Ultimate 3000 UHPLC-HPLC

HPLC can be used as qualitatively and quantitatively, for measuring purity or even as part of a clean-up procedure to prepare an analyte for additional investigation. By careful selection of the mobile phase, column and detector specific analytes can be identified within a complicated mixture of other components.

Typical Applications of HPLC

HPLC is a flexible technique that may be used to analyse a large array of compounds. These include raw and intermediate chemical products, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, amines, amino acids, peptides, proteins, sugars, lipids and large pharmacologically active compounds. This translates into a range of specific applications that include;

  • Nicotine assays in E-fluids for electronic cigarettes.
  • Bisphenol A migration from plastics and polymers for the food packaging and related markets.
  • Identification and quantification of phthalates in plastics and polymer products.
  • Analysis and quantification of malodourous organic acids in liquids.
  • Support for long term stability trials and product development.

Method Development and Preparation. Agilent HP1050 HPLC

In addition to direct analysis of analytes LPD Lab Services has experience in developing and validating instrumental methods that may then be translated to clients laboratory for routine analysis. In addition LPD is equipped and experienced in sample preparation techniques including:

  • Soxhalet extraction
  • Solid phase extraction (SPE) and clean up.

New for 2015 LPD has UHPLC (Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography) capabilities allowing for the development of rapid and efficient method development and analysis.

Features of Laboratory’s HPLC and Ion Chromatography (IC) Capabilities

Currently LPD Lab Services has 2 HPLC instruments:

  • Thermo Fisher Ultimate 3000 UHPLC/HPLC system with a diode array detector (DAD) and refractive index detector (RI) allowing for a large range of analytical applications. This instrument also features a multicolumn oven and thermally controlled sample compartment and auto-sampler (15oC below ambient).
  • Agilent HP1050 HPLC system featuring a ultraviolet (UV), fluorescence and refractive index (RI) detectors.

This allows LPD to offer a range of techniques for your analytical requirements including;

  • Isocratic and Gradient Elution methods.
  • Reverse phase and Normal phase chromatography.
  • Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC) and Gel Filtration Chromatography (GFC).
  • Ultra High Performance Chromatography (UHPLC).
  • Hydrophilic Interaction Liquid Chromatography (HILIC).
  • Chiral chromatography.

Our site experts on HPLC is Wyndham Johnstone, Harry Knappett and Adam May.

Method Development and Method Validation

Analytical method development and method validation using the laboratory's range of techniques and experience

Please contact us to discuss how your requirements can be met using this or any of our analytical techniques. We can issue no-obligation quotations once we have discussed your needs and can offer two levels of service “urgent” and “normal”. We also offer preferential rates for longer term analysis contracts.

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