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Product and process reverse engineeringTo direct product and process development it is important to know the current status of competitor’s products or even better understand the intricacies of customer’s own processes.  Knowledge about their current products and likely developments ensure a customer can retain and even grow their market share as well as help establish the correct market price. Equally, it is very important to understand how the competitor’s product is made. This product and process information is obtained by reverse engineering which requires the unique combination of analytical techniques and material and chemical process experience available at LPD Lab Services.

In competitor analysis the components are carefully dismantled and each part characterised from a materials and possible manufacturing method point of view, e.g. alloy composition, polymer types, process, treatments etc.  The laboratory can also test parts for substances banned under the RoHS directive.

Reverse engineering will yield both physical design and structural information, down to microscopic levels if required, as well as how the competitor makes it. This information can then be used to improve and develop customer’s current products and processes.

The laboratory uses its knowledge to offer practical advice on how to modify the customer’s current processes at minimum cost and disruption to deliver the best points of the competitors product and generate equivalent or more cost-effective improvements to the customers products with sensible pay back times.

Please contact us to confidentially discuss your requirements with our staff and find out how LPD Lab Services can help you.

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