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Droplet of water on human hair

The formulation and manufacture of the complex liquids and solids, applicable to the Cosmetics and Healthcare industry, is an area where the laboratory can conduct limited deformulation analysis. This includes looking for or quantifying specific known constituents by techniques like HPLC, IC, AAS, FTIR and wet chemical methods.

The changes to the chemistry of a product formulation during manufacture, stability and storage have been studied following bespoke development of appropriate analytical methods including classical chemical techniques. The chemical activity and presence of specific ingredients in a formulation is key.

For successful manufacture, mixing and the stability of a suspension or emulsion are critical even after storage. Surface and interfacial tension measurements by DCAT and OCAT are critical assessments parameters.

Hair and simulant skin surfaces can be assessed before and after treatment looking at permeability using fran cell and HPLC, SEM/EDX, optical microscopy, FTIR microscopy, XPS and GC-MS methods. Hair wetting damage and treatment uniformity and contact angle wetting are also attributes that can be assessed.

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