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Optical Microscopy Zeiss Metallurgical Microscope

Optical microscopy allows small features of a sample to be analysed in detail. LPD Lab Services routinely uses its range of microscopes for initial examination and characterisation to plan the next steps for work or to confirm customer’s observations prior to proceeding to more detailed investigations by other laboratory techniques such as SEM/EDX or reverse engineering.

The laboratory’s microscopes and experienced microscopists can acquire images in transmission or reflection with a range of lighting conditions designed to highlight the areas of interest.  High depth of field microscopes can be used to inspect the assembly of different sub-components and higher magnification microscopes can be used for polished cross-sections for example where the sample is flat.

Image Analysis of Dust to Detemine Particle Sizes

Examples of work carried out using Optical Microscopy;

Image Analysis

Image analysis covers a range of techniques to gather quantitative analysis or measurements from images using sophisticated software. LPD Lab Services uses image analysis on images or photographs taken by either optical microscopy or SEM using secondary electrons or backscattered electrons. In both cases the key to effective image analysis is generating sufficient contrast to highlight the features of interest.

Dust Particle Sizes Showing Bimodal Distribution Generated by Optical Microscopy and Image AnalysisExamples of information available by Image Analysis:-


Cross-Sectional Analysis

Cross-sectional analysis allows the physical structure such as layer thicknesses, interlayer mixing and diffusion as well as bulk defects to be examined.  Analysis can be by SEM / EDX or optical microscopy.

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