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Materials Analysis and Failure Investigation
Materials Analysis and Failure Investigation
Metallurgy and Failure Analysis
Product and Process Research and Development
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Industrialisation for Product and Process Development
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Typical Technical Expertise
Process Expertise Areas
Thermionic Emission - Cathode and Source Development
RoHS Testing and Consultancy
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Product and component material analysis and process characterisation are key to generation of improved performance, quality, and yield or cost reduction. LPD Lab Services has both the materials industrial process experience and materials analysis instrumentation to characterise and solve product and process problems in a cost and time efficient manner.

LPD Lab Services experience in reverse engineering and failure analysis means products can be skilfully dismantled to reveal the production methods used to make products either to solve problems, determine material and product and manufacturing process shortcomings or benchmark competitors. This work provides strategic focus for product and process improvement as well as Research and Development activities.  It also fits in ideally in process yield improvement activities and solving product reject issues as part of process industrialisation and production volume ramp up.


Materials and Chemical Analytical Techniques

Material analysis and chemical analytical methods detailing the techniques, capabilities and applications. 

Product and Process Research and Development

Collaborative product and process focused research and development technical support turning ideas into a developed volume manufactured product. Components can be reverse engineered to determine defects and offer practical solutions. Benchmarking of competitor’s products provides direction for future development.

Materials Product and Process Reverse Engineering

Detailed physical and chemical reverse engineering of products and processes to determine how and what they have been made of for patent infringements and competitor analysis reasons to steer customer’s product development activities.

Metallurgy and Failure Analysis

 Metallurgy relates to extraction of metals from their ores, refining crude metals, producing alloys, shaping and the manipulation of properties. Metallurgy involves examination and characterisation of the structure of metals and alloys as well as failure investigation.

Problem Solving and Industrial Approach

Industrial and technical problem solving requires the the right approach and knowledge to swiftly, comprehensively and cost effectively solve product and process issues.

Process Expertise Areas

Over 156 man-years of industrial process support experience covering a diverse range of products and processes using different chemicals and materials that generates a value added interpretation service.

Typical Technical Expertise

Examples some of the technical areas where LPD Lab Services have particular experience including particle analysis, corrosion and degredation, adhesives, paints and coatings, chemical etching, cleaning and degreasing, composite materials, delamination and thermionic emission.

Index of Typical Support Work

This provides a multiple link list of example pieces of work carried out by LPD Lab Services to illustrate the diverse nature of the laboratory materials analysis, chemical analysis and consulting activities.

Industrial Client Sectors

Typical clients for LPD Lab Services cover a diverse range of industrial sectors performing a variety of analytical and consultancy services.

Contact Dr. Steve Jenkins, Mike Ellicott or Dr Howard Coulson to discuss your needs in detail and we will be happy to issue a no-obligation quotation.

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