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Surface Analysis
Contact Angle and Surface Wetting
Contact Angle and Surface Wetting
Contact Angle Measurement
Dynamic Contact Angle Measurement
Powder Wetting Characteristics
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Surface Free Energy
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Interfacial Surface Tension
Critical Micelle Concentration (CMC)

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Contact angle sessile drop

In many applications the wettability of a surface or a liquids surface tension can be a key factor in a product’s performance or be a significant issue in a manufacturing process.

At LPD Lab Services Ltd contact angle measurements and the surface tension of liquids can be performed using a Dataphyscis Optical Contact Angle (OCA35) and Dynamic Contact Angle Tensiometer (DCAT21)  instruments supplied by Gerhardt UK and manufactured by Data Physics. These assessments are quantitative and can be tied into changes to surface chemistry. With this equipment, LPD is also able to measure dynamic contact angles, powder contact angle, surface free energy, interfacial tension and critical micelle concentration.

In addition, by combining the contact angle measurements with other surface analysis techniques  available at LPD Lab Services such as  XPS, SIMS and AES,  a deeper understanding of the surface chemisrty can be obtained.

The physical behaviour can also be examined by using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) of fibre surface roughness as this affects microscopic wetting and localised contact angles.

The combination of contact angle measurements, surface texture / roughness and surface chemical analysis is a powerful tool to unambiguously assess manufacturing processes, product performance or the reliability of in-line processes such as coating systems.

Example typical applications where wetting and contact angle measurements are important include the following materials and chemicals:


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Determination of Surface Tension and Wettability of Liquid on Solid Surfaces
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