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Interfacial Surface Tension

Analysis Liquid-Liquid Interface

IFT DuNouy Ring Wilhelmy Plate

Interfacial surface tension describes the interaction between two materials at an interface. These could be liquid-gas, liquid-solid or liquid-liquid. The liquid-gas interface is measured as the surface tension of the liquid. The liquid-surface interface is determined from the contact angle measurement of the liquid with the surface. It is also possible to measure the liquid-liquid interface where the liquids are non-miscible.

Liquid-liquid interfacial tension can be meaured using a variation of the pendant drop method or using a tensionmeter with a DuNouy ring or Wilhemy plate. LPD Lab Services can use either technique to measure interfacial surface tension using Dataphysics DCAT tensionmeter or an OCA goniometer.

Industrial applications of interfacial surface teneion surface tension data include:

Paints and Coatings
Printing and Inks
Cosmetics and Health care


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