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Chemical Plant Failure and Materials Compatibility
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Delaminating glass reinforced plastic chemical tank wallIn maunfacturing situations the incorrect choice of fabrication material  for chemical plant assets like storage tanks and processessing machinery can be critical.  The wrong material that is incompatible with the chemical contents can result in production downtime or contamination of the products. Equally poor tank building or protective liner coating practices during fabrication can also open the tank to attack by the chemical contents and early life failure despite thie intiailly apparent appropriate selection of materials. Tanks, plant assets and seals can be made from metals, ceramics, plastics, elastomers, silicones or composite materials such as resin impregnated GFRP (Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic) all can be at risk.

LPD Lab Services uses its combination of experience and materials failure investigation techniques such as optical microscopy, SEM/EDX, FTIR, IR microscopy, pyrolysis GC-MS, XPS, metallurgical preparation and metallography to reverse engineer plant components to look for signs of insufficient chemical compatibility or poor plant fabrication practices including issues like porosity.

Water and Gas Services in Plant Room Typical failure investigations carried out include: -


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