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Dr Stephen Jenkins - Managing Director and Surface Analysis Expert

Dr Stephen Jenkins

I have a Degree (Hons) in Materials Technology which included working for Duracell and GKN and PhD involving development of XPS instrumentation to understand a paint / substrate interfacial system. After a short contract at NPL working for Martin Seah, I joined Fisons Instruments - VG Scientific (XPS and AES instrument manufacturer) as an Applications Scientist. I then moved on to work as a Surface Analysis specialist in the Physical Failure Analysis department of Siemens Microelectronics (DRAM semiconductor wafer manufacturing) and then finally to Philips Blackburn (thermionic cathode manufacturer) as a development engineer. Here I brought in a whole range of surface analysis instrumentation to solve materials and production problems in support of cathodes and downstream CRT customer's factories.  In latter years this work was also for customers outside the organisation involving completely different types of product.  I moved into cathode Research and Development in a technical role and continued to gain experience in project management and project leadership before I became responsible for the management of the laboratory’s 3rd party sales and business and technical activities.  Successful business growth led to me managing the laboratory as a whole, looking after both internal and external business.

I have over 20 years experience in a diverse range of industries, the use of problem solving, product and process development, project management, decision making tools and have travelled widely on business over my working career.  Immediately following the factory's closure, in October 2009 I led the management buy-out of the laboratory and the formation of the independent analytical and technical consultancy company LPD Lab Services Limited becoming the Managing Director.

Despite being the Managing Director and being responsible for all manner of commercial, budgetary, sales and marketing activities, I still conduct a large amount of technical work and write many technical reports.  My responsibilities for LPD Lab Services include handling the first contact with customers, evaluating their requirements and issue of quotations.  I organise the lab’s response and also project manage larger customer support activities including product and process research and development.  I frequently work on contaminant investigations and material and product failure analyses and my practical experience of a diverse range of analytical techniques, their capabilities and limitations, coupled with experience of materials and chemical analysis means I take a leading role in many technical projects as well as data interpretation and reporting. 

During my career I have written, contributed to and had published a range of peer reviewed scientific papers as well as presented at numerous international conferences.  I am also the technical surface analysis expert and am a commitee member of the UK Surface Analysis Forum (UKSAF).

Dr Wyndham Johnstone - Technical Development Director and Thermionic Emission Expert

Dr Wyndham Johnstone

I joined LPD Lab Services at the end of August 2010 and am now the Technical Development Director. I am the customer interface and internal manager on the larger projects, ensuring that work is scoped out and delivered to customers on time and with the usual high level of quality and context orientated interpretation that LPD Lab Services offers. I am also the laboratory’s key Thermionic Emission expert.

I have a proven track record in of developing innovative solutions to complex problem by exploiting a wide range of analytical techniques. I have many years of experience as a technical product manager, supporting a world wide customer base with their development needs requirements and solving their problems in a timely, cost effective and pragmatic way.

I have a PhD in experimental physics from University College London and in 1994 I moved to Philips Display Components in Blackburn.

I set up and managed a group to provide technical support in the use, application and development of the Blackburn product to its worldwide customer base (Europe, Asia and the USA). I was instrumental in identifying product development opportunities and leading cross-functional teams, often with customers, to deliver million Dollar cost savings.

I have also worked for Baxi Heating UK in their R&D centre. There I led several projects including one to rationalise the number of electronic control suppliers. I also developed a Baxi group electronics verification/reliability procedure, developing tools and techniques to improve the effectiveness of life testing to meet reliability requirements.

I am a Six Sigma Black Belt and have extensive experience of using these skills in combination with many of LPD Lab Services wide array of analytical techniques to develop new products or processes and solve problems.

Mike Ellicott CChem MRSC - Senior Applications Scientist - Laboratory Quality Manager

Mike Ellicott CChem MRSC

I gained a very practical degree (GRSC Part II) in Chemistry at Preston Polytechnic, and have held the professional qualification of Chartered Chemist (C.Chem) and Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry (MRSC) since 1991.

My industrial experience has been gained over 20 years at companies such as ICI, Chorley ROF (MQAD), BTP Cocker Chemicals, Whitbread, MITRE Sci-Tech Services, Wolstenholme International and finally LPD Laboratory Services. I have also studied for a Certificate in Industrial Management at Preston Polytechnic, and gained the Associate Membership Examination of the Institute of Brewing.

The roles I have taken on are as diverse as Laboratory Technician, Research Chemist, Pilot Brewery Scientist, Process Development Scientist, Packaging Development Engineer, Project Leader - Chemist, and Senior Applications Scientist.

My problem solving skills have developed by traditional approaches & by novel Synetics methodology. I am a proven inventor, having one patent for a dissolved nitrogen analyzer under my belt.

I am now part of a very experienced team at LPD Laboratory Services, mainly working in a customer facing role as a Senior Applications Scientist dedicated to giving our customers cost effective solutions to their problems, on-time and within budget. My responsibilities within LPD Lab Services also include acting as the Laboratory Quality Manager looking after UKAS accreditation as well as customer liaison and quotation preparation.

Dr Simon Romani - Technical Director

Dr Simon Romani

I am a laboratory Technical Director where my role is mainly customer facing dealing with complex technical enquiries from quotation generation, through project management to delivery and interpretation. I also have a direct role in providing SEM/EDX and SIMS analytical expertise, as well as additional backup in XPS activities.

I joined LPD from the University of Liverpool, where I managed the electron microscopy unit for over 9 years, culminating in the successful completion of a 3-year project to design, build and then manage the “Nano-Investigation Centre at Liverpool” (NiCaL). This included the role of Technical and Industrial Liaison Manager – managing a technical team providing Small and Medium Enterprise businesses with analytical assistance using the in-house SEM, TEM and dual-beam FIB facilities. My SIMS knowledge was largely developed working for MATS (UK), prior to it being bought out by the former CSMA, and before that at the National Microelectronic Research Centre (NMRC, now Tyndall National Institute) in Ireland. Prior to NMRC, I worked at the Atomic Energy Authority’s Harwell Laboratory (now AEA Technology plc), with stints in the Materials Characterisation and CVD and Diamond Technology Groups after completion of my PhD in Ion Implantation.

Keith Raper - Senior Scientist - SEM, EDX and XRF Expert

Keith Raper

I graduated from Liverpool University in 1978 with a BSc (Hons) in Chemistry with Metallurgy and Materials Science, before working as a research assistant at the University studying the effects of high temperature corrosion on corrosion resistant coatings on nickel based super-alloy materials, developing a knowledge of electron microscopy and microprobe analysis.

I joined Philips Components (formerly Mullards) in 1984 as an analyst in the laboratory, but soon took over responsibility for production problem solving work using the electron microscope, EDX and X-ray Fluorescence analysis.

I developed expertise on problems associated with a wide range of materials and manufacturing processes, since the factory produced several different products, including thermionic cathodes for TV tubes, CD's and video discs (including a full master and stamper making facility), spiralised tungsten and molybdenum wire (with production from ore to finished product), glass delay lines, flat foil capacitors, write-once recordable laser discs and fibre optic coupling devices.

In addition to this, I have undertaken problem solving and analysis work for other UK, European, American and Far East factories in the organisation, manufacturing glass screens, metal masks, TV tubes, magnetic deflection cores and rare-earth magnets, as well as for several local companies manufacturing a range of metal products and components, printed circuit boards, powder chemicals etc.

My role in LPD Lab Services is that of SEM, EDX, Optical Microscopy, Image Analysis and XRF expert, and I am frequently asked to join both local and international teams set up to investigate manufacturing, product and process problems, contaminant identification, isolation and elimination, where I normally take a leading technical role.

The type of work I have experience in has diversified since 2003, as the laboratory branched out into increasingly different areas of analytical and technical support for all manner of industries.  The in-depth interpretation I provide draws upon my materials and chemicals experience.  I occasionally conduct customer site sampling visits related to dust issues, but a significant proportion of my work involves contaminant identification in products and processes and reverse engineering. 

Steven Whittle - Senior Chemist and Analyst - FTIR, HPLC, GC, AAS, Method Development and Validation.

Steven Whittle

I am a graduate of Manchester Metropolitan University with a BSc (Hons) in Applied Chemistry as well as having a HNC in chemistry from the University of Salford. I am a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

I began work in 1997 and for 13 years worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 2 different companies becoming a senior analytical chemist.  Work comprised quality control analysis of raw materials, active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and finished products plus cleaning validations, method development and validation, stability studies and dissolution profile analysis.

I then moved on to work for a contract laboratory Rhys Biotech.  There I built and implemented an ISO 17025 quality management system and spent the bulk of my time developing and validating a wide range of standard and unique bespoke analytical methods for a variety of different customers.  These methods included:-
Quality control analysis developing methods for new products or improve on existing methods to reduce costs, reduce risk and analysis time.  Product failure analysis and problem solving.  Contamination isolation, identification and elimination.  Product formulation and comparison analysis.  Materials / product degradation and stability studies.

I am a vastly experienced user of FTIR, HPLC, GC, AAS, and UV Spectroscopy. My other areas also cover NMR, Mass Spectroscopy and ICP.

Dr Howard Coulson - Senior Applications Scientist

Dr Howard Coulson

I have a Degree (Hons) in Pure and Applied Physics, and progressed onto an industrial PhD involving the characterisation of deep levels in microwave devices and the device noise from Philips Power Semiconductors. I began work for Siemens Microelectronics as a Physical Failure Analysis Engineer, to determine the failure location, reverse engineer, and analyse defects created during and after processing. I then moved on to be a development engineer for Philips Power Semiconductors, developing a novel power schottky device in the manufacturing area. This allowed an insight into the demands and requirements of manufacturing and the need to develop new products. I then returned to Failure Analysis with ATMEL, a smartcard and microcontroller manufacturer as a Principal Engineer. This experience has allowed me to use a varied suite of techniques and provide customer support to process, product, development, yield and quality assurance departments.

I have 9 years experience in the semiconductor industry using a variety of techniques in a fast turnaround, results based industry. I have experience of statistical process control, project management, developing local networks for business enhancement, and managing a department. I am currently undertaking an MBA with the Open University.

I am part of an experienced team as a Senior Applications Scientist, complementing the team with my extensive use of SEM, EDX, FIB, wet and dry etching. My responsibilities within LPD Lab Services include acting as the, customer liaison, quotation preparation and project management. I am also responsible for analysis using SEM and other techniques within the group.

Dr Adam May MRSC - Senior Analytical Chemist - Health and Safety Manager

Dr Adam May MRSC

I graduated from the University of Sheffield with a dual honours in pharmacology and chemistry and moved on to the University of Huddersfield for a masters in analytical chemistry and more recently on to the University of Central Lancashire to complete my PhD . My PhD involved the scaling of standard test fires and studding the early stages of fires to work towards smarter and more discriminating fire detectors.

From there I have worked in many sectors from bulk chemicals (Akzo Nobel) to Pharmaceutical research (Astra Zeneca) and environmental consulting (Aqua Enviro) . I also have some medical devices (DePuy) and materials testing background (Exova) and while there I ran the ISO 17025 quality management system for a couple of laboratory’s in the UK. Over this varied background I have been able to apply my problem solving skills in a diverse range of ways, although my main specialities are in chromatography (e.g. HPLC, GC-MS) UV spectroscopy as well as tensile testing.

At LPD Lab Services I lead a range of technical interdiciplinary projects involving multiple analytical techniques and interpret the results.  I am an experienced organic analytical chemist so this is reflected in the range of instruments I use in the laboratory such as HPLC, GC-MS, GC, contact angle measurements and wet chemical techniques.  I am also the responsible for managing Health and Safety within the laboratory.

Dr Justyna Anwar - Analytical Chemist

Dr Justyna Anwar

I graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2010 with a BSc (Hons) in Forensic Chemistry after which I started my PhD in the University of Manchester. My PhD involved studying corrosion behaviour of magnesium alloys with particular focus on galvanic corrosion in contact with steel.  I am experienced in the use of electron microscopy, corrosion and electrochemical testing. I am also familiar with a range of analytical techniques, such as AAS, HPLC, GC and UV spectroscopy.

At LPD Lab Services I have a role as an analytical chemist and am principally involved in surface analysis investigations including using XPS at present.  Work also involves conducting materials and chemical failure investigations, wet chemical activities as well as supporting a range of the other problem solving investigations carried out for clients by the laboratory staff and consultants.

Danie Els - Senior Metallurgist

Danie Els

I studied Physical Metallurgy (BTech) at the Vaal University of Technology and Corrosion Control Engineering (MSc) at the University of Manchester. I have industry experience in steel rolling, heat treatment and forging. Most of my career involved quality control, process control, material testing, and failure examination.

My career started at an integrated steel manufacturing company where I was involved with product improvement, internal non-conformance investigation, and product failure examinations. I then worked for an industrial cutting tool manufacturer where I was responsible for the operation of the heat treatment plant and the metallurgy. This was followed by a period engaging in quality control at a forgings and ring rolling company. Thereafter, most of my experience was gained at metallurgical test laboratories. This involved diverse types of routine metallographic examination, standard corrosion testing, failure examination, reverse engineering, remanent creep life assessment, and metallurgical consultation.

I started at LPD Lab Services as a Senior Metallurgist at the end of February 2017. My main responsibilities are metallurgical assessments, failure analyses and consultancy, but I am also familiar with SEM, EDX, XRF, and XPS.

Sean Glynn - Inorganic Chemist

Sean Glynn

I graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2007 with a BSc (Hons) degree in Chemistry. I then started to work for a pharmaceutical company doing mechanical testing on medical devices. After that I started as a laboratory technician for an environmental company where I worked my way up to be an inorganic laboratory supervisor. It being an environmental company, I analysed a very wide range of sample types: from hospital waters to sewage waters and from chemical products to food products I analysed it all to ensure the safety of people and the environment. During my time there I gained experience in a wide range of wet chemistry techniques as well as ICP-OES and ICP-MS.

At LPD Lab Services I am the main inorganic chemist conducting both routine analytical and problem solving support activities.  Work involves wet chemical analysis, titration methods, AAS and ICP-MS to generate qualitative and quantitative information for customers.

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