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The Jasco V670 UV-Vis-NIR (Ultraviolet Visible and Near-Infrared) Spectrometer can be used for a variety of materials characterisation methods and applications to fingerprint inorganic and organic chemicals, colours and reflectivity or measure the effects of weathering and fading of polymers or organic paint coatings. 

Jasco UV-Vis-NIR InstrumentThe UV-Vis-NIR is capable of: measuring a maximum wavelength range of 190nm to 3200nm in Absorption, Transmission and Reflection modes.  It can provide:

  • Analysis of liquids with 1mm / 10mm pathlengths.
  • Provide solute concentration analysis.
  • Determine transmittance or absorption properties of thin films or sections.
  • Generate quantitative analysis of the concentrations of dissolved ions.
  • Conduct colour analysis by measurement of tristimulus values / CIE L*a*b* colour parameters of liquids, solids and powders.
  • Provide thin film thickness measurement.
  • Monitor changes in photometric properties with time at a fixed wavelength at intervals of greater than 0.05sec.
  • Calculate the Band Gap from reflectance and transmission spectra.



Fingerprinting Fine Art Oil Paints

60mm Integrating Sphere

A 60mm Integrating Sphere on the instrument, with a maximum analysis range of 200nm to 2500nm, can be used to analyse solids, powders, transparent or opaque films and coated polymers or metals.  It can be used for:-

  • Colour measurement looking at colour fading against product life from environmental exposure and weathering as well as colour matching.
  • Generate compositional information.
  • Comparison of Transmittance over specified wavelength ranges.
  • Measurement of Absorbance bands.
  • Generating film thickness using interference effects like that achievable using FTIR.


Specular Reflection Capabilities

Measuring Surface ReflectanceThe instrument's specular reflection accessory allows other properties of a sample to be evaluated which will affect how a material behaves in different lighting and radiation conditions including how it visually appears:-

  • Comparison of polished surfaces.
  • Measurement of average reflectance.
  • Surface reflectance over a specified wavelength range.

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